Things I learned From Dismantling a Pageant Stage Late At Night

1. People will think you are a asshole if you ask them about their weekend after someone falls off a stage and there’s a awkward silence.

Yeah…one of the contestants fell off right before we were going to start the dismantling and clean up.  The stage was about 4 1/2 – 5ft, he took a good hit and paramedics had to be called. I couldn’t take the awkward silence of a room full of adults that know they’re supposed to be quite. Maybe it’s because I’m not adult or I’m socially retarded. Most likely it’s both. Thus my innocuous question was met with “uh”. No really talked to me for the rest of the night.

2. You will look like a cutter afterwards.

The stage was made up of heavy panels that one must be very careful with while lifting. However it was late, the corners probably nicked everyone in various places. I walked away with some very light bleeding and  scraps on my wrists. The one girl ended up with a scrap the took up most of her thigh, but that was the worst of the injuries.

3. I can pass for having a concussion, without even trying……

I introduced myself to the director of the campus activities board, my boss’s boss. However, five minutes later I reintroduced myself.

Director: Wow we’ve already had one head injury tonight. You okay?

Me: Yeah…..I’m just… ditsy like that…

Director: Oh me too, if you’d done this ten minutes later I wouldn’t have realized.

4. It’s really hard to not to stare at someone with Rapunzel syndrome.

I’m sorry…can’t help but think about the human hairball she’s cultivating.

5. Confetti is awful.

That stuff took the longest to clean up. Longer than it took  stack 500 chairs and

to dismantle a good size that sent someone to the hospital. Nuff said.


My Tumbler is Trying to Kill Me or Not and I Figured Out Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits

Hey everybody, I’ve been a little stressed and under the weather this week. I felt so terrible earlier this week I had to skip class and nearly missed my other later class.  Web MD and dad narrowed it down to  flu or muscle fatigue. By my the second all I had was exhaustion and muscle fatigue, but I still spent seven bucks on Dayquil to be safe. It was on this same that I also discovered black residue in my tumbler. This being the devil’s armpit I assumed it was mold…So I texted my dad.

Me: Is it possible to get sick from ingesting mold and if so what are the symptoms?

Dad: Yes and respiratory..go to doctor

Me: But I don’t have any respiratory problems……

I didn’t go to a doctor, I did clean my tumbler on and off with tissues. Later that night I was checking my water filter/ pitcher when I noticed some black residue around the upper rim….so the black stuff was charcoal… Apparently activated charcoal is used to absorb ” toxic gases, liquid toxic wastes, germs, and heavy metals“. Huh…Thanks tumbler….?

So I accidently figured the chedder biscuits .  All you need is a box of jiffy biscuit mix just follow the recipe on the box but instead of flour use pancake mix. Add about a cup of shredded cheese and some olive oil. I’m not entirely sure why pancake mix made these instead what’s on the mix box. Pancake mix is basically flour, but has extra ingredients to speed up the cooking process. I guess the biscuit dough reacted some of those extras, but if anyone has any better  theories I would love to hear them.