I’m Also Glad I Live in Age Where Almost Everywhere Has WiFi

I feel bad about not posting anything over the weekend, but nothing really exciting happened. Coincidentally I suck at time management. To make up for it here’s a conversation between my friend E and I. I can’t say how started talking about Vincent Van Gogh.

E: Van Gogh was crazy, he cut off his own ear gave and it too a prostitute!

Me: What! He was a epileptic and did by accident during one of his attacks.

E: I think that would pass for crazy back then.

Me: Just because something was crazy then doesn’t make it crazy now.

E: He gave his sawed off ear to a  prostitute.

Me:……What if  he couldn’t afford flowers or b.j’s?

E: Meh……

Me:……You know he was basically got a lobotomy or whatever you call it when the split your brain.

E: Yeah that’s not a lobotomy, but I know what you’re talking about.

Me: I’m glad I live in age where having seizures won’t get my brain-

E: They still do that. It’s only in extreme cases, but they still split brains.

Me:……..I’m glad I live in a age where I can treat my period with tampons.


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