Well I’m a Feminist

So I’m trying to help one of my roommates with a homework assignment. She needed some examples of social injustices.

Me: How about misogyny?

Roommate: What’s that?

Me: You know hatred of women. ….you do know right?


Me: ….. Next you’re going to tell me you’re not a feminist.

Roommate: I’m not.

Me: You don’t believe in equal rites  for women?!

Roommate: Oh I do, I do. I’m just a womanist.

Me:……..What does that mean?

Roommate: I don’t remember. I read it in a textbook and thought yeah that’s what I am.

Me: But you don’t know what it’s means….

Roommate: Nope, I really need to find that book.

I looked up womanism and it’s basically feminism for black woman. I haven’t told her, but figured it wouldn’t matter since she is black.


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