I Wonder if Anyone Will Read This?

I’ve been agonizing over how to do this first post for days. Then I realized that thanks to my nonexistent blogging experience or exceptions to meet no one will care anyway.

Welcome to my blog where I hope to show the weird/awkward/funny conversations from my life, talk about and maybe review some of my favorite things (books, video games, and movies), and maybe do some cooking segments for the cheap and broke!

Without further ado here a conversation between me and a game design major. Who was giving some character design instruction to my artist friend.

Game Design Guy: She lives up in the cold frozen wastes, but she’s completely immune to the cold and can overheat. She wears these tight biker short like panties and bra like top made out of seal blubber.

Me: You’ve put alot of thought into her underwear.

GDG: If you think I’ve put alot of thought into her underwear you should ask me about the other races. Ask me about the other races.

Me: I only know about the one with seal panties….

He didn’t tell me about the other races. A little later though…

Me: Shouldn’t she just be naked?

GDG: What no….I have a rating to consider.

Me:But it makes sense if she can’t feel cold, but manages to get “overheated”. Besides she could be nonhuman, this fantasy, right?

GDG: Yeah it’s fantasy but,-

Me: Or she could be like a Barbie doll, all shape no parts to complain about.


Later I told this my dear friend E.

E: Didn’t he take into consideration that if they overheat they must have a really high metabolism.  They’ve have to eat alot of protein bars….THAT”S IT that’s why they wear seal panties! To store the extra food they need to live!


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